Willow & Sage

 Fun Stories for adults and children.  Follow Willow and Sage, two German Shepherd pups, as they grow up together.  Two real dogs telling make-believe stories of canine sibling rivalry of the royal kind



 Willow and Sage living their best lives one adventure at a time as they grow up together.

 Willow is a young German Shepherd who learns she is getting a baby brother but it's not exactly what she expected.  Follow Willow and Sage through their adventures, fun stories, and training.  You will hear tales of their canine sibling rivalry from the points of view of each Willow, Sage,, and their human.  We will share training and care tips and how to make every day an adventure.  

This blog was created to tell the story of Willow and Sage growing up together.  It started with one cute little story of Willow getting a baby brother.  People really seemed to enjoy the story and began reaching out to me.  They have asked that I let "Willow" keep writing because it make them smile during these unprecedented times of the Pandemic of 2020/2021.  So here we are creating happiness with Willow and Sage one adventure at a time.  🥰

 Tips on Care and Training


  I enjoy working with my Shepherds on obedience.  We take many opportunities throughout a day for training. It can be as simple as waiting for their food or as complex as waiting to jump from a vehicle until released with other dogs around.  I do not do advanced training like IPO or Schutzhund.  I only do basic and intermediate training with my dogs. 

I will provide care and training tips and methods that I use.  I will provide these through text, pictures and video.  I am also available to contact if you have any questions or need advice.

 Disclaimer:  I am NOT a professional trainer nor do I claim to be.  I have however researched my techniques and I have tried and tested the techniques that I will share in this blog.  These are the techniques that I successfully use.  Also, there are many techniques in dog training and I am in no way saying that my way of training is the right way or the only way.  I have successfully trained many dogs and pups and I am simply trying to help by sharing what I have experienced while training.

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